Lluis Gesa

Lluís Gesa Boté

R&D Computer Engineer

Institut d'Estudis Espacials de Catalunya (IEEC)
Gran Capità 2-4
E-08034 Barcelona, Spain


I'm working in the Lisa Pathfinder (LTP) project (ESA)  as computer engineer. I'm mainly involved in the design and implementation of the Data Management Unit (DMU), a mission critical flight software, following the ESA standards for developing, test and validation (ECSS E-40B and ECSS Q-80B).

I've worked on CARMENES as Software Engineering Manager, supervising the work related with the developed software made by the several institutes teams involved in the project from Germany and Spain.

I've collaborated in several other projects related with space: CTA , Echo, STE-Quest, Ariel mainly as Software Expert  Consultant.

I'm also a lecturer of Software Engineering at the Autonomous University of Barcelona (UAB) tutoring practices and coordinating a subject that covers new and modern engineering techinques like non-SQL databases, BigData and DevOps.

Collaborator with the Computer Vision Center (UAB), in the Autonomous Vehicle Research (Elektra).

Freelance advisor in technological and software topics.

I have an extensive knowledge and experience in Software Engineering and I've participated in all the software development life cycle (requirements, design, implementation, documentation and testing) for many projects at industry and academy.