Inauguration of the Alberto Lobo Conference Room

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Next september the 30th, at the 3rd anniversary of his passing away, the Alberto Lobo Conference Room at the new ICE-CSIC-IEEC building in Bellaterra will be inaugurated.

José Alberto Lobo Gutiérrez obtained his PhD from the University of Barcelona (UB) in 1980 working in theoretical physics, where he was a Physics professor for more than 25 years before joining the National Spanish Research Council (CSIC) as a Research Professor. His research interests led him to the areas of gravitational physics and of gravitational wave astronomy, where he has been a pioneer of the field in Spain. His contributions to this field cover a wide range of topics, from theoretical studies to the design and development of instrumentation, including data analysis techniques.

After more than a decade of working on science related to ground-based gravitational-wave observatories, mainly on resonant detectors, he got involved in the endeavour of designing and building a space-based gravitational-wave detector, the Laser Interferometer Space Antenna (LISA).  To that end, in 2005 he moved to the ICE as a CSIC Research Professor, where he formed a new group from scratch at the Institut de Ciències de l'Espai (ICE; CSIC-IEEC).  With this group he led the Spanish contribution to the LISA PathFinder mission and also research towards a future LISA mission. During these years, the ICE group has contributed the Data and Diagnostic Subsystem of the LISA Technology Package (LTP), the payload of LISA PathFinder.  This consists of stable and precise temperature sensors, magnetometers and a particle counter to monitor the experiment environment, plus heaters and magnetic coils.  These instruments will monitor and characterize the experiment during flight operations. In addition, the Data Management Unit will act as the computer of the LTP experiment, processing the measurements and controlling different subsystems.  All this contribution is on-board the LISA Pathfinder Spacecraft on its way to Kourou where it will be launched by the end of November this year.

Alberto Lobo was also a member of the LISA International Science Team and of the Science Team for eLISA/NGO.  His leadership and human qualities have been fundamental for the success of the enterprise he initiated at the ICE.  Probably, one of his biggest achievements has been to transmit his passion and his joy for science to everybody around him, and to prepare a generation of scientists that will continue the efforts that he pioneered.


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