Work With Us


Master Degree Projects/Projectes de Final de Carrera (PFCs)

The GWART group is interested in hosting last year students that would like to do a PFC in one of the following areas:

  • Laser Interferometry at Low Frequencies for Gravitational Wave Detection
  • Tests of Alternative Theories of Gravity with the LISA Pathfinder mission
  • Simulations of Sources of Gravitational Waves
  • Numerical Relativity
  • Astrophysics for the future eLISA mission

If you are interested and would like to know more, you are welcome to contact us.

PhD opportunities

At present we do not have any opening for doing a PhD in our group.  However, if you would like to do a PhD in our group in the area of Gravitational Wave Astronomy (either experimental or theoretical) we are happy to assist you applying for individual PhD grants from several institutions: Spanish Ministry, Catalan Agency for Research Funding, National Spanish Research Council (their PhD funding program is cancelled at the moment), etc. 

You are welcome to contact us.


   Past Phd Offers:

    Predoctoral Training Contract for Doctors (up to 4 years)

The Gravitational Astronomy Group is seeking candidates for a predoctoral contract associated with the research project of the National R & D Plan (Excellence call): ESP2013-47637-P : DEVELOPMENT AND EXPLOITATION OF THE LISA PATHFINDER MISSION AND CONTRIBUTIONS TO THE GRAVITATIONAL UNIVERSE AND STE-QUEST. 

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Postdoc opportunities

At present we do not have any open position for postdocs.
If you would like to work with us as a postdoc, we can assist you to apply for individual postdoctoral fellowships from different institutions:

  • Beatriu de Pinos (AGAUR, Catalan Agency for Research Funding),
  • Marie Curie Individual fellowships (European Commission),
  • JAEdoc (National Spanish Research Council; this program is cancelled at the moment),etc. 

If you are interested in these fellowships contact us here .